The complete system. Everything you need to start taking trademark clients. 10 hours or less.

Award-winning trademark attorney. Founder of a multi-6 and now, 7-figure law firm. Author. Speaker. Consultant. The law practice instructor you always wanted, but never thought existed. 

Trademarks: The unicorn practice area that lets you:

Make more money.

Add $7000+ to your revenue as soon as next month! The average attorney fee for a new trademark is $3500, so that's 2 new clients– easy.

Control your time.

Have young kids? Or maybe you just love to travel? Practicing trademarks allows you to be entirely paperless, electronic and virtual 24/7.

Run a national practice.

You only need one bar license to practice federally and nationwide. There's no limit to what you can earn with no geographic limitations.

Be done with bar exams.

There is NO special bar exam or certification (that’s patents). You just need the practical skills, which you’ll learn in 2 Weeks to Trademarks.

I have DOUBLED my yearly revenue in large part due to Sonia's courses!

Ticora Davis

Sonia Lakhany is the founder of the award-winning law firm Lakhany Law, and has been filing trademarks for almost a decade.

She is a published author and considered a national expert in her field, as her work has been recognized and featured by numerous media outlets.

In addition to her law practice, Sonia also teaches courses to other attorneys on practicing trademark law, marketing, and working smarter, not harder. Her signature program is 2 Weeks to Trademarks, a comprehensive online course to help attorneys learn trademarks, the best-kept secret of law firm practice areas.

You will be able to immediately apply the knowledge you learn and go forward confidently.
I recommend this course for new attorneys, as well as experienced attorneys.

Marcus Shute


The complete toolbox to start taking trademark clients confidently.

Have you been dabbling in trademarks but feel afraid to take on more filings because you never really learned them correctly?


Are you sick of the drama, stress, and tears of your current practice area and want to switch fields altogether?

If you answered yes to either questions, keep reading.

Sonia gives you all the information you need to start making money and expanding your client base... I'm so glad I made this investment and you will be too!

Ryenne Shaw

3 years of law school didn't teach us much.

You likely fell into your practice area or have taught yourself along the way. 

You're a busy lawyer and don't have time (or energy) to read a bunch of books.

You don't have time to experiment or play around.

You don't want to mess up and waste a client's time or money.

So...what's the solution?

The first and only program that actually teaches you how to practice trademarks AND teaches you how to get clients.

We're talking actual screen shares, insider tips, best practices, advice, and guidance... all from an expert in the field who has been doing basically nothing else for the last decade.

Oh, and created a 7-figure law practice doing so.



  All the basics of practicing trademark law

  How to perform a proper clearance search

  How to analyze report results

  How to correctly file a trademark application

  How to interface with your client

  How to respond to Office Actions 

  How to renew trademark registrations

  PLUS...the systems and processes behind-the-scenes of a 7-figure trademark practice and MORE.


All the basics of practicing trademark law

How to perform a proper clearance search

How to correctly file a trademark application (and what information you need from the client)

How to resolve common Office Actions that you might receive

How to ensure renewal and maintenance deadlines are never missed

Best of all, the program is entirely comprehensive and assumes you know zero about trademarks. 


You can watch at your own pace (hello, binge-watching) and come back to the videos anytime you want because you have lifetime access!


You'll be up and running in record time with the confidence and support you need, regardless of whether you are an attorney, paralegal, or law student.

What's Included?

All things trademarks

  • Introduction and overview of the practice area and why clients need it
  • The differences between the various types of IP (trademark, copyright, and patent)
  • Overview of the entire USPTO system, examination procedure, and process

Searching and opinion letters

  • How to properly perform trademark clearance searches and analyze the results
  • How to decide if other marks are actually conflicts under Section 2(d)
  • Comprehensive search tutorial of both word marks and logos/design marks and drafting opinion letters for clients
Module 3

The application process

  • The differences between the two types of applications  - 1(a) and 1(b)
  • Screen-by-screen tutorials of the entire filing process from start to finish
  • Best practices for all the little details: Specimens, date of use, mark descriptions, identifications of goods and services, and more
Module 4

Office Actions and renewals

  • Procedural Issues: Disclaimers, specimens, and amendments
  • Substantive Issues: Likelihood of confusion and descriptiveness
  • How to keep track of deadlines and file renewals

So... what level of a BOSS are you ready to be?




  • Modules 1-4 (10+ hours of video instruction)
  • All the template documents you'll need to get started
  • Access to a private online group for ongoing support
  • Exclusive discounts on the (few) software and tools you may need 
  • Access to everything immediately on-demand (binge all you want!)*
  • Lifetime access to all materials (keep it all forever!)

I Want This!




  • Conquer the Consultation 
    (a 2.5-hour class detailing word-for-word scripts to talk with potential clients)
  • Building Trademark Referrals Class (a 2.5-hour class to learn how to create referral relationships specifically for trademarks)
  • Rainmaking 2.0  (12+ hours of video instruction on Sonia's best marketing strategies to build a multi-6-figure firm without ever paying for SEO or Ad Words)
  • 2 personal calls with Sonia (Ask anything you want and get one-on-one help creating a custom marketing plan!)
I Want This!
Tara Murphy
Tara Murphy

I made the fastest, "easiest" money in the last few months. Your classes helped me get there!

Nicole Mason

I set up the intake of my first trademark client before I even completed the course!

Pamela Foreo
Pamela Fero

Taking Two Weeks to Trademarks was the best money I have spent so far as an attorney.

Donna Rinck

Sonia is dynamic, engaging and very informative. The class is well worth the money!

Xavier Hailey
Xavier Hailey

I was skeptical about investing into this course but I'm glad I did. So far, I have engaged one client and have two potential clients since the course ended.

Dan Nguyen
Dan Nguyen

Whether you are dabbling in it right now or want to add trademarks to your practice, it is well worth the investment of your time!

Hayoon Kane
Hayoon Kane

I had my first client consultation today and your video really helped me structure my sales pitch and be more confident. I am so glad I decided to sign up.

Amanda McCoy
Amanda McCoy

If anyone is in the bubble about taking this class, I can honestly say it is totally worth it. It was full of practical and useful information!

Kristine Warren
Kristine Warren

Two Weeks to Trademarks was time and money well spent. Sonia is a dynamic teacher and she presents the information in a useful and practical manner.

Kate Stanton
Kate Stanton

This is a practical nuts and bolts course that will help you get a trademark practice up and running in a very short period of time. I highly recommend it!

Pamela Foreo
John Hilla

The course was exactly the right balance of substantive and procedural information, with plenty of helpful practice pointers from Sonia.

Melanie Cunningham
Melanie Cunningham

My confidence around my trademark practice has increased tenfold thanks to you. I know I will take advantage of your other courses.

Kristine Warren
Nicholas Belcastro

Not only do you get a refresher on the basics of trademarks, but Sonia was also able to share the tricks that come with years of practice.


Kate Stanton
Lisa Ventress

Thank you for providing such awesome content in a condensed timeframe! I learned so much. Keep thinking outside of the traditional legal box!

Pamela Foreo
Amanda Jelks

To say that Two Weeks to Trademarks exceeded my expectations is an understatement! I am eager to grow my trademark practice, starting with the client I retained before the course was even over.


Melanie Cunningham
Mario Simonyan

Since there isn’t a pill that’ll make you an expert trademark attorney, Sonia’s Two Weeks To Trademarks course is the next best thing! Do yourself a favor - get her course now!

I'm in!