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Did you know? This practice area lets you...

Make. More. Money.

Add $7000+ to your revenue as soon as next month! The average attorney fee for a new trademark is $3500, so that's 2 new clients - easy.

Take back control of your time.

New mom? Have young kids? Or maybe you just love to travel? Practicing trademarks allows you to be entirely paperless, electronic and virtual 24/7.

Run a national practice.

One bar license in any state is sufficient to practice federally/nationwide. There's no limit to the revenue you can earn when you can work from anywhere in the world.

Be done with bar exams.

There is NO special bar exam or certification (that’s patents). You just need the practical skills, which you’ll learn in 2 Weeks to Trademarks.

Sonia Lakhany is the founder of the award-winning law firm Lakhany Law, PC and has been filing trademarks for almost a decade. She is a published author and considered a national expert in her field, as her work has been recognized and featured by numerous media outlets. In addition to her law practice, Sonia also teaches courses to other attorneys on practicing trademark law, marketing, and working smarter, not harder. You can connect with Sonia on Instagram via @trademarklawyerlady.

"I have DOUBLED my yearly revenue in large part due to Sonia's courses."

Ticora Davis
The Creator's Law Firm

10 hours or less to completion. Everything you need start taking trademark clients confidently.

Have you dabbled in trademarks but afraid to take on more filings because you're unsure you're doing it correctly?


Are you sick of the drama, stress, and tears of your current practice area and want to switch fields altogether? 

If you answered yes to either question, keep reading.

Let's face it. 3 years of law school was enough. No one wants to spend 2-3 years on another degree.

At the same time... you know you want to learn a new practice area. 

But you're a busy lawyer and don't have time to read a bunch of books.

You don't have time to experiment or play around.

You don't want to mess up a trademark application and waste a client's money and time.

So what's the solution? 2 WEEKS TO TRADEMARKS.

The only program that actually teaches you how to practice trademarks instead of just chit-chatting about it. We're talking actual screen shares, insider tips, best practices, advice, and guidance...all from an expert in the field who has been doing basically nothing else for the last decade.

You will learn all the basics of practicing trademark law, including how to perform a proper clearance search, how to correctly file a trademark application (and what information you need from the client), how to resolve common Office Actions that you might receive, and lastly, how to ensure renewal and maintenance deadlines are never missed. 

Best of all, the program is entirely comprehensive and assumes you know zero about trademarks. You can watch at your own pace (hello, binge-watching) and come back to the videos anytime you want because you have lifetime access! You'll be up and running without having to invest months and months of learning - regardless of whether you are an attorney, paralegal, or law student.

You've got the time now, so why not use it wisely? Watch the video below to learn more.


What you will learn:

So...what level of Boss are you ready to be?



Modules 1-4 (10+ hours of video instruction)

All the template documents you'll need to get started

Access to a private online group for ongoing support

Exclusive discounts on the (few) software and tools you may need 

Access to everything immediately on-demand (binge all you want!)*

Lifetime access to all materials (keep it all forever!)





Conquer the Consultation 
(a 2.5-hour class detailing word-for-word scripts to talk with potential clients)

Building Trademark Referrals Class
(a 2.5-hour class to learn how to create referral relationships specifically for trademarks)

Rainmaking 2.0 
(12+ hours of video instruction on Sonia's best marketing strategies to build a multi-6-figure firm without ever paying for SEO or Ad Words)

2 personal calls with Sonia 
(ask anything you want and get one-on-one help creating a custom marketing plan!)



"You have no idea how much you have literally changed my life. I made the fastest, “easiest” money in the last few months. Your classes helped me get there."

Tara Murphy
Neon Esquire


Frequently Asked Questions

Trademarks is a transactional practice area and exists as a subset of business law. When companies are looking to protect their unique names, logos, tag lines, and slogans, that's when the process of filing for trademarks comes in.

Yes! It's pointless to learn a practice area if you have no clients to serve.

There are two versions of 2 Weeks to Trademarks. Boss of Myself is for the practitioner who only want to learn or brush up on the core trademark skill set.

Boss of an Empire is for attorneys who not only want to learn trademarks, but need help marketing to get clients as well.

Boss of an Empire comes with access to a 9-video law firm rainmaking course which covers social media, content creation, press and media coverage, and more. The best part is that the marketing strategies in this course can apply to any practice area! Click here to learn more about Rainmaking 2.0.

Also in the Empire tier are Conquer the Consultation, your complete scripted guide to giving a trademark consultation, plus a Trademark Referral Building Class, which focuses only on generating new clients in this practice area.

The Boss of an Empire tier also comes with 2 personal calls with Sonia so you can get the customized, tailored strategic help you need to develop a marketing plan for your practice.

Absolutely. It's certainly not an overnight process but if you are willing to dedicate the time and effort toward marketing yourself and your expertise, it is entirely possible. Hundreds of attorneys have gone through this program before you and successfully done it. Just click here to take a look at all the reviews and testimonials!

Nope, that's patents- an entirely different practice area. Trademarks doesn't require any special exam, certification, or prior background knowledge. 

Yes! You'll receive the content dripped monthly as you make payments, but you can pay off anytime and get everything at once if you want.

Click here to see the options for Boss of Myself and click here for Boss of an Empire.

Don't worry at all- you're in the right place. 2 Weeks to Trademarks is designed to be a comprehensive course to take you from A to Z. It assumes you know nothing, but even if you've dabbled a bit in trademarks, you will learn the practice area from start to finish and be able to fill in the gaps in your knowledge.

Absolutely. If within 30 days of enrolling in Boss of Myself you find that you want to upgrade to Boss of an Empire, simply submit an online request and you will be able to upgrade the same day!

Forever! The entire course you purchase is your's for lifetime access. Refer back to it anytime in the coming years when you need to. 

It's hard to know if a program is the right fit and sometimes it's easier to chat. Please click here to book a call with Sonia personally and ask anything you want!

We are working on the process to obtain approval but at the moment, unfortunately it is not available.


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